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Cleaning Cloth Diapers

Cleaning Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapers go through a much different process of cleaning depending on if they are professionally laundered through a diaper service or washed in the home.

Diaper Service Laundering

Most commercial diaper services follow a multi-step cleaning process.  The
processing likely includes numerous changes of water, 2 wash cycles, sterilization
with bleach, softening, and bacteriostatic treatment (to control the production
of ammonia

Many commercial diaper services also submit to quarterly or monthly testing
to make sure their diapers are reaching acceptable levels of cleanliness and sterility.

Home Laundering

Home laundered cloth diapers don’t get quite this treatment.  Oh, they might be rinsed and washed and rinsed another couple of times.  In general, however, the water temperature is lower, the agitation different (on older top-loading machines), and the cleaning agents less rigorous.

In addition, if you spoke with six different home-washers, you’d hear six different methods for laundering diapers!

If it all sounds quite frustrating, start with the basics and you will soon find the method that works best for you.