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How to Start a Diaper Service

Have day you ever considered

Starting a Diaper Service?

Diaper Delivery Service Is a Modern and Viable Business Opportunity

  • Minimal start-up costs
  • Serves environmentally-conscious consumers who make up an ever-growing percentage of our population
  • Suited to multiple income streams
  • Operational on large or small scale–from commercial laundry facility or home
  • Available wholesale nfl jerseys for sole proprietor, LLC, or corporate ownership

How to Start

Understand the Industry

  • Peruse diaper service websites
  • Talk to diaper service operators (DSOs)

Adhere to the Law

  • State
  • County
  • Local

Develop Your Plan

  • Business
  • Marketing
  • Financial

Prepare for Operations

Resources specific to starting and operating a diaper service are minimal:

  • The Entrepreneur Group’s 1992 Business Start-Up Guide for Diaper Service is out of print
  • The National Association of Diaper Services (NADS) Start-Up Kit is balls no longer available
  • The Real Diaper Industry offers an updated and more useful kit–for $400
  • Diaper Service Operators (DSOs) have limited availability to answer questions–they’re busy running their operations

I know, because I was one of those DSOs, and I spent a lot of time over the years answering the same questions over and over again.  Then I got the bright idea to take those topics and put them in book form.

As I wrote, I kept thinking of more great topics to include.  Before long, the book was over 70 pages long, including an extensive list of resources.

After several years and an updated edition, it is still accurate to say that it’s the only manual of its kind available today–and it’s ONE TENTH the price of the RDI kit. It is a comprehensive guide designed to help you plan and implement your business, whether you want to start a full-service laundry facility or take wash into your home.

It includes topics such as:

  • Research Your Options
  • Advertising and Marketing Your Business
  • How to Start
  • Day to Day Operations
  • Expanding Your Business
  • Other Considerations
  • Typical Customer Questions
  • and an Extensive Resource List

Read an Excerpt

“Welcome to the world of the diaper service operator (DSO)!

You are entering a world that can be both satisfying and fulfilling.

Brand new parents are experiencing some of the most cheap jerseys intense emotions in momento the world, and they want nothing more than to know they are doing the very best for their babies that they possibly can. When you help them to do this, they will love you for it.

Read what one purchaser has to say about Starting a Diaper Service:

We purchased this e-book as we relación wanted to expand our online cloth diaper store into a local diaper service. The information Cabinet provided is easy to understand and cheap jerseys points out a lot of aspects to starting a diaper service. If you’re wondering about how the process works, where to buy supplies, and how to market this business, buy the book. It tells you everything you need to know and more! — Bryana, Soft Cloth Bunz


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