Home Washing Your Baby’s Diapers

Home Washing Your Baby’s Diapers

Washing your own baby’s diapers can be almost as labor-free as using diaper service. You surely do not have to get your hands dirty to get your diapers clean. The following tips are from cloth-diaper-washing experts (a.k.a. moms) all over the world.

Wash Your Baby’s Diapers at Home in 5 Easy Steps!

Step 1: Store

  • Always use a regular diaper hamper to store used diapers
  • Never use a bucket filled with water–it’s a safety hazard

Step 2: Rinse

  • Pre-rinse diapers in cold water
  • Pre-soak for heavier soil

Step 3: Wash

  • Always wash a full load of diapers
  • Always wash in hot water
  • Never overfill your washer
  • Never overuse detergent

Step 4: Rinse

  • Rinse in cold water with added vinegar
  • Rinse 1-2 more times in cold water

Step 5: Dry

  • For soft diapers, machine dry
  • For economy, line dry

This is a natural laundering method that does not include the use of chemical bleach or fabric softener.  This method gives a highly satisfactory result–without the addition of these chemicals to your baby’s diapers.  If, however, you feel these products are necessary for a satisfactory outcome, first try a very small amount and always rinse well.

Need More Information?

Home-Washing Your Baby’s Diapers is just what you need. This 14-page guide is packed full of information and will help you experience success as a home-washer. It includes

  • Lots more details, including explanations, definitions, and measurements
  • Information about necessary supplies AND nice-to-have items
  • In-depth discussion of processes, reasons, amounts, and options
  • The best advice from all over the internet–and the world–packed into one easy-to-read guide


Want to Know More?

I wish you all the best in your diapering endeavor. And always remember: Enjoy your baby!